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Before We Begin

Unlike traditional live auctions or eBay online only auctions, RVA brings you a piece of every aspect of the auction buying experience. We are a little bit traditional (with previews and pickups), a little bit eBay (online bidding), and something altogether different (event based, photo catalogs and credit card only payments).

Even if you’re familiar with our auctions, take a look around, you will likely find information about our process, policies or techniques which will help you better navigate the site and have the best bidding experience possible.

If you need additional assistance, our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.

Please note: Anytime you see a (+) symbol just click on it to expand the selection for more information. The “helpful links” are really helpful.

Getting Started

We are the Place to get Great Values

Our promise is to offer the stuff you need at the price you set. Thus, buyers get great values at our auctions. To continually provide those great values we have developed buyer rights and responsibilities. Please read carefully through this page for a smooth buying experience. It’s worth it! See you at the auction.

We are Internet-Only

We conduct internet-only sales both large and small, throughout the United States. No bids will be accepted offline.

What is the difference between RVA and traditional auctions?

Getting Registered

Registration is required to bid on an auction. It also helps us qualify bidders. Read through our buying process before registering.

Helpful Links
How do you qualify bidders?
Why do you qualify bidders?
Is there a fee?
Do I need a credit card?
What is an authorization?
I'm having trouble registering

The Buying Process

1. Inspection

You must register before bidding.

Most events feature a preview, inspection or open house one or two days prior to the conclusion of the auction. This is a showcase of the items at their physical location.

Bidders should carefully consider the descriptions, photos, details and terms of sale, then bid accordingly if there is no preview.

Helpful Links
Where do I go?
Do I need ID to enter?
How many people go?
What if I can't make it?

2. Bidding

Once you are registered bidding is easy. Visit an online event with an active catalog. Click the link for online bidding.

Place the “Next Bid Required” in the “your bid” box and your ‘Max” bid in the “your maximum” box (max bids are optional) at the bottom of EACH page enter your username and password. Click the submit bid button. You will need to confirm the terms before the bid is accepted.

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Are there bidding strategies?
How do I view all my bids at once?
Oops! I submitted an erroneous bid. Now what?

3. Payment

Accepted forms of payment include Visa or MasterCard. You must have available balance on your credit card for your online purchases. At the conclusion of the event your credit card on file will be automatically charged for the entire amount of your purchases.

Please note:A 15% buyer’s premium will be added to each purchase. If you bid $100.00 at check out you will be charged $115.00.

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What is a buyer's premium?
If I do not want the item do I still have to pay?
My credit card was charged automatically. Is that normal?
Is there sales tax?
My credit card did not go through. Now what?
Where do I get tax exempt forms and how do I submit them?
Is there a warranty?

4. Removal

All items are required to be picked up at the physical location noted in the event details. We do not offer any type of shipping methods or assistance during removal. Our clients often need their location empty so items not picked up during the removal time will be considered abandoned.

Please note: Buyers must bring all tools, people and equipment to safely remove won items.

Helpful Links
What are examples of tools and equipment?
When can I remove my items?
What if I cannot make it to the removal time or I forgot to pick up my item?
How do I know the location?
Will there be someone on site to assist me from the RVA team?
Do I have to bring movers?
Do I need to disassemble items?
Can I send professional movers?
What if something breaks during removal?
What if the picture and description do not match?

Important: Bidder Responsibility & Termination Policy

With Great Deals Come Responsibilities

We work hard everyday to find more fantastic stuff to offer at auction giving our bidders incredibly unique opportunities for great values. In order to keep those exciting items coming we have to be responsible and respectful to their owners.

This means:

• Picking up items during specified removal times and only during specified removal times

• Bringing all tools, people and resources to safely disassemble and remove items

• Bidding only on those items you are serious about winning

• Following through on auction purchases

• Understanding that your credit card will be charged immediately following the close of an event

Embracing these responsibilities helps us continue to enhance the overall experience for all of our bidders.

Our Bidder Termination Policy

We are so grateful that you choose RVA Auctions to get the stuff you need at the price you set. Out of respect for our sellers and for the vast majority of buyers that take these responsibilities to heart, we will terminate a buyer’s bidding privileges after two infractions.

First Occurrence: If a buyer does not live up to their responsibilities throughout the auction process we will suspend bidding privileges until one of our customer service team members is able to speak with the buyer and resolve the issue.

Final Occurrence: If a buyer does not live up to their responsibilities throughout the auction process a second time we will terminate bidding privileges.

We are passionate about our huge buyer community and remain vigilant to ensure a pleasurable auction experience every time. The greatest cause of confusion and dissatisfaction often occurs when there is not a level playing field for buyers. This termination policy makes everyone equal, every time.

Click here to read full terms and responsibilities of our policy.

Now that you know how it works and are ready to get registered

  • I understand the buying process(?)
  • I understand that there will be a $100 authorization per event I bid on (?)
  • I understand the termination policy(?)
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